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Are you looking for solutions to any of these questions?

What are the building blocks of a growing successful business?

How do you take a big picture wide angle view of your business?

How do you create structure and plan ahead you day, week, month and quarter?

What are the systems and processes you need to run your business office efficiently?

What are the daily habits you can learn which support progress?

Do you have a vision that you want to make a reality?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes then you may
take huge value from working with me closely as
your coach and mentor.

My goal as your coach is to set you and your staff up for the long term.

I aim to work with you for a small time but leave a big impact.

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My Services


Business Coaching

 Do you have a business vision or goal but are not quite sure what the next step is to make it a reality? Together we will unlock the answers which fit for you and start taking actionable steps towards success.

Business Mentoring

Is there a specific area in your business where you feel there is a gap between where you are and where you need to be? In this case l can support you as a mentor and accelerate your business growth. 


Coaching & Mentoring

As individuals we have a number of professional and personal goals and ambitions. To look at your business or career and lifestyle as a whole then a combination of coaching and mentoring is where I can help you

About Me

My name is Stephen Conroy and I am the owner of Stephen Conroy Coaching.

I am a qualified coach and mentor supporting clients to create and grow successful businesses whilst also looking at the big picture of how this can give them more freedom and balance for a fulfilling lifestyle.

I have started two businesses from the ground up and worked in a range of multinational businesses across a broad range of sectors including supply chain, manufacturing, technology and automotive.

I am also a qualified accountancy and finance graduate with a aptitude for spreadsheets.

Taking on board my own vast experience and working closely with high performing individuals has taught me the standards required to be successful and the attributes we need to nurture to have both the work and personal life which fits for us.

If this resonates with you and you want to make the first step towards achieving your professional and personal goals send me a message on the below form and we can schedule a informal chat.

I look forward to connecting with you.


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